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Accounting services include bookkeeping, payroll and GST/HST returns


Keeping financial records is not only a legal requirement, but also very important for a business in various ways.

It helps to maximise all the expenses you claim and reduce your tax obligations, to make it easier should you be audited by CRA, to make it quicker to prepare your financial statements at year-end, to give you the information you need to make business decisions, to plan for tax payments, to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your business, to manage changes and improvements in your business, to plan meeting financial commitments such paying creditors or employees, to make it easier to get a loan or sell your business, to avoid over/under tax payments, to make it easier to distribute profits to shareholders as dividends or for partnerships where both profits and losses have to be shared.

We have prepared affordable bookkeeping solutions for your business. The solutions include analyzing and journalizing daily transactions, posting to the individual accounts, preparing financial statements.


Outsourced payroll service can help reduce the hassle and responsibility associated with processing payroll and maintaining all the associated information required for tax preparation and filing. It will definitely reduce distractions and enhance Focus on Core Business.

Our payroll service includes but not limited to payroll calculations that may involve overtime, sick pay, vacation days earned and used, and contributions to retirement and health plans, and filing withheld quarterly payroll taxes.

GST/HST Return

The Canadian law requires that GST/HST registrant businesses collect the GST/HST on all taxable supplies, file their GST/HST returns and pay the amount owed no later than one month after the end of its reporting period (monthly or quarterly).

What happens if you file a return late or make a late payment? If you do not file your return on time, the CRA may charge a penalty. If you have an overdue amount, you will pay interest.

We can help in calculating the net payable/refund amount and complete a GST/HST return on time.

pricing will be based on mutual agreement.

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